Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It has been way too long since my last post. Never fear faithful readers, I am not completely off track with my Christmas gifts. After I completed the awesome clutches I made the matching necklaces, sewed up the pad and crayon holders, cut out all of the fabric for the tissue holders, the car garbage and the car organizer. I also received my order for the Waldorf doll kit (so excited about that), ordered some wonderful felt from Lupin to make a busy book for Lil'A, won an Ebay aution for 4 cashmere sweaters (only paid $13.50 including shipping, score)to make Lil'A a cashmere quilt, won and received 12 awesome vintage patterns, celebrated Thanksgiving and my birthday, received two Japanese Children's pattern books (birthday gift from the hubby) and received a copy of Amanda Soule's new book, Handmade Home(birthday gift from a great friend). Whew - I have been too busy to blog, but I promise I will post about as many of these things as I think you might be interested in reading. I'll leave you with a snapshot from Thanksgiving!

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