Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sew Cute

Since my father graciously offered to pay for a seat for the Darling Daughter and the plans to fly to Montreal to visit the relatives have been solidified, I have been trolling the internet for ideas about how to make the flight easiest. Something I have come to again and again is to have a little stash of brand new toys for the child to play with on the flight. Since we are not exactly rolling in extra cash, I thought I would see if there was anything interesting and age appropriate I could make for her. 

My first search for toys I could sew offered and bonanza of free patterns and tutorials. Thanks internet. For my first project I thought I would try the "Itty Bitty Oddity" from Odd-Dotty Dollmaker.

Here is the result of my attempt:

So cute huh? The Darling Daughter is sort of interested in this little gorgeous gal. Hey - help me name her, suggestions welcome in comments. 

My next search was a little more pointed. I was looking for something that had tags on it. You know how baby's are - give them a new toy and all they want to play with is the tag you forgot to cut off. I came across the Craft Schmaft Tag Monster Pattern and thought with a few alterations I could make one that looked a little more girly. 

Here she is:

I added arms and sewed the tags so they formed a sort of monster tutu. I also embroidered green circles in the centre of the eyes and then used a blanket stitch to rim the eyes. Scary cute?

The Darling Daughter just loved, loved, LOVED this one so I am feeling pretty smug. I'll let you know if it remains remotely interesting during the plane ride.

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  1. Oh that Tag Monster is gorgeous! I love her eyes and little arms. I'm so glad your daughter loved it, isn't the tag obsession crazy?
    The best tip I had for a flight with little one was to buy a big book of stickers and let them stick onto paper. I thought it sounded silly but my little boy LOVED it. At least an hour of entertainment.