Thursday, July 9, 2009

Swagbucks ahoy!

Okay. So I am generally skeptical of getting something for nothing. Especially when it comes to the Internet. So when I initially read about the while Swagbucks thing, I didn't sign up. 

Big Mistake.

I kept reading about it again and again and I decided to do a little more research before dismissing the idea as a scam. So I did what any self respecting blogger would do. I googled "Swag bucks + scam" and read what came up. It turns out that Swagbucks isn't a scam. It isn't something for nothing but they do award Swagbucks with regularity and they do allow you to trade your Swagbucks in for some useful stuff. 

Basically, you use the Swagbucks homepage to do your Internet searches. Swagbucks uses google and to do the searches so you have access to valid and well tested search engines. Every so often you are awarded a Swagbuck and eventually you will have enough to trade in for some real world stuff. They have gift cards, apparel, comics, collectibles and more. Now don't get me wrong, I know Swagbucks is using the information contained in my searches for their gain, but here's the thing. The info you are required to give them is minimal and frankly, I am sure google uses my search info for their gain and I don't get a thing out of it.

You can also earn Swagbucks if you shop online, if you promote it to others and they sign up as your friends and even if you trade in old cell phones and gaming consoles (which appeals to the environmentalist in me)

I admit that I don't always remember to log into Swagbucks and so I miss winning some every day but I know I'll get in the habit eventually and I figure every little bit counts. If I ca earn enough to pay for a few birthday or Christmas gifts each year then I am ahead of the game. 

So check it out and earn yourself some swag -mateys!

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