Monday, March 9, 2009

Scary Sunday

The Hunky Hubby and I always enjoys a fabulous Sunday breakfast. He is a wizard with eggs and his pan fried potatoes cannot be beat! We were all out of eggs yesterday morning so as soon as the Darling Daughter was up and I had emerged from the comfort of my bed (weekends are the only time I get to have a little extra sleep, yay!) he headed out the door. Two seconds later he popped his head back in and asked if I could come outside - uh-oh! Out I headed into
the c-c-cold in my jammies.

Hunky Hubby, calmly, "Do you smell that?"

Me, after big whiff, splutter, splutter, "Is that GAS?" (not calm)

Hunky Hubby examining the natural gas pipe into the house, calmly, "Yup"

Me, again NOT calmly, "Call Terasen"

Hunky Hubby, continuing the look around the exterior of the townhouse, calmly, "I will - I just want to check...Wow, it is really strong"

Me, looking in the air for a giant FIREBALL, NOT calmly, "CALL TERASEN."

I headed back indoors, visions of sparks triggered by lamps, refridgerators...and ran up the stairs to pull on some clothes and figure out how to convince El Calm-o out there to evacuate the premises immediately. I grabbed some clothes and a travel cloth diaper for the Darling Daughter and headed back downstairs.

Hunky Hubby was just finishing up on the phone, "They said that there is natural gas venting in our area and there are technicians on site - I'm going to call your Mom to see if we can come over."

Me - pause- "Oh...okay...good" That was EASY, no convincing at all, must be worse than he's telling me, PANIC -TIME.

I choose to forgo dressing the baby, throw a jacket, hat and boots on her, stuff what I think she needs in the diaper bag and am-scray!

As we drove away from the complex, I looked around at all of the people jogging, walking and generally acting normally and thought, HEY, you should be worried too, potential giant FIREBALL in the area.

On the drive to my Mom's we discussed the blase attitude of the Terasen employee, who didn't actually tell the Hunky Hubby anything worse and actually recommended just calling back in an hour if the smell was still there. Now I know that the dissipation of Natural Gas in the air was probably not at a concentration that COULD explode, but I'm sure that inhaling natural gas for a while could not be good for you AND we had no idea where the "venting" was in relation to us and I'm sure that the source had enough concentration to be flammable. Both scenarios were not things I was interested in experiencing so we headed out.

Does this make me paranoid? Reactionary? Crazy?

Maybe, but I still got my Sunday breakfast, I spent a great day at my Mom's and came home to the clean smell of ...fabric softener? Well, you can't win em all!

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