Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twilight Fever

The Hunky Hubby works in the film industry in Vancouver and as such, we often have the inside track about any films coming to town. We knew the second and third films from the Twilight series were going to be shooting here and we knew that everyone involved was doing their best to keep that information a secret. I don't know why - it is not like there was any lack of media coverage of the fact that they were going to be filming here and there have been more than a few photos of the set and actors since filming began. The complete lack of secrecy has actually become a bit of a joke for those not working on the film.

In fact, there is a documentary crew in town filming a piece about finding Twilight and they seem to be approaching any crew they see filming and asking if they are "Twilight" or if they know where they are filming. The hilarious part about this is that EVERYONE knows where they are shooting - it isn't a secret and contrary to what the film's organizers apparently believe - no one cares. At least not enough to cause any real issues for the film crew. I am sure there are a a few mega-fans hanging around and there are obviously some photographers around as we have been treated to such scintillating photos as:

Twilight Stars getting coffee...

When a crew member pointed out how easily the documentary crew could actually find the new Twilight movie it became obvious that the documentarians actually knew this but it wouldn't be much a story if they found the set right away.

(Aside: *Sigh* Even documentaries can't be trusted to be real these days.)

Which brings me to the point of this post. I do not get it. I've watched the original film and I say it again:

I do not get it.

Yeah, yeah, it is filled with teen angst and eternal love and vampires, all three of which tend to be just my type of guilty pleasure. It's just that I do not buy it in this case. It is a little too much, they fall in love too fast, everything is just too, too TOO. Maybe someone needs to explain it to me.

Maybe I need to read the books.

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