Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Rants and Raves

I had a very busy weekend bopping around all of the interesting blogs taking part in the Ultimate Blog Party 2009. So I don't have too many rants and raves other than a big rave for all of the great posts I read and all of the great blogs out there.

A big rave for successfully finding very cute shoes to complete the Darling Daughter's Easter outfit. She is going to wear the Embroidered Party Dress in fresh from the Children's Place

and my mom found a pair of Jack and Lilly shoes that are just perfect. After seeing pair after pair of hard soled, plastic dress shoes it was great to find shoes with a flexible, soft sole, made of quality, breathable leather. Once I read the package and found that they were podiatrist approved I was even happier with these shoes.

The shoes actually bring me to my rant - why is it so difficult to find appropriate shoes for a baby who may have slightly larger feet than average. And what the heck is average nowadays? It seems to me that almost every baby is not wearing the actual size that corresponds to their age. Everyone seems to accept that their child will wear a size between 3 and 6 months older than their child is. Which isn't a huge problem except for pants (they often stop having snaps on the legs after 12 months - so my 6 month old is mostly out of this size - and these are essential for easy diaper changes) and shoes. I don't want my baby in hard soled shoes with a heel - even if she is wearing a size 4 infant shoe!

Thankfully I have found Jack and Lily and their cute shoes should do the trick until the Darling Daughter is a little older.

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  1. Ohhhhhh... like the new look! And baby's Easter dress is lovely :)