Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cobbling for Dummies

Right before I had the Darling Daughter I took my sewing machine in to be serviced. It was acting totally crazy and I thought it was going to cost me a fortune to have it fixed. Luckily all it needed was a tune-up and it came back running like a top. But by the time I got it back I had just given birth and I was much too busy nursing, changing diapers, napping and staring in utter amazement at this enchanting little creature to sew anything.

Now that the enchanting creature is a little older and happily spends time in her exersaucer and sitting on her own, I can squeeze a little time into my day to do some sewing. I have found some great sewing blogs with free tutorials to help me get started on some fabulous one of kind clothes for my fabulous one of a kind daughter. I posted a photo of a great little dress a few days ago but since then I have completed a gorgeous kimono top from some Heather Ross fabric that I fell in lust love with at the fabric store and a tutorial found here.

Oh my gosh - isn't the fabric just delicious - the kimono is so much cuter on the baby - it is so perfect with the chocolate brown binding. I could just eat her up! The Hunky Hubby loved the little shirt so much that he asked me to make him a big boy version. So now I go on the hunt for the perfect pattern for that.

I have also been lately lamenting the complete and utter lack of baby bonnets that exist in my immediate shopping vicinity. That's right, I exist in a baby bonnet vacuum. As cute as the Darling Daughter looks in the parade of toques, berets, sun hats and baseball caps I have plopped on her head in search of the perfect lid, I have longed for the nostalgic simplicity of a basic baby bonnet.

I finally took the dilemma in hand last weekend and decided to look for a sewing pattern. Although there are many different baby bonnet patterns out there, none of them really lived up to the picture I had in my head. I mentioned this out loud to my husband and his eyes got that wild look associated with my quest to find the perfect black flat that exists in my head.(We've been together 9 years and I am still barefoot sneaker-shod.)

I quickly assured him that I had taken an intensive sewing course in high school and drafting a pattern to match my imagination was not beyond my capabilities. After a few wonky paper patterns I had a workable version that quickly translated into a gorgeous brimless bonnet. Some cute buttons and satin ribbon later it was on her head and better than I imagined.

Now I just need to figure out why the Hunky Hubby keeps leaving Home Cobbling brochures around the house.

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