Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sometimes Vancouver Driver's are just A-holes

Okay, so I realize that almost everyone has said this about almost every city that has cars. And I am not saying that Vancouver drivers are specifically worse than any other city. They are just A-holes. Rude, in a hurry, generally oblivious, they make pedestrians and fellow drivers feel like they take their lives in their hands every time they leave their house.

Case in point. I take a walk with my Darling Daughter every day. We live on the corner of a fairly busy intersection but it is heavily surrounded by residential street. There is also a fairly major bike route one block over so we have the added bonus of some wonderfully maintained paths. This makes for a wonderful walking experience and one that I look forward to taking. What I do not look forward to is dealing with all of the A-hole drivers I encounter on the way to the wonderfully maintained path.

My top five personal favourites:

1. Non-signal guy who is going to secretly turn right at the intersection without letting anyone know - especially the mom with the baby carriage who is trying to decide if it is safe to cross.
2. The bone head turning right who isn't paying any attention at all and blows by the pedestrians about to step out because they have a cross signal.
3. The idiot-stick turning right who has seen the pedestrians, knows they are about to cross, has made EYE CONTACT with the pedestrians holding their babies in their arms and still takes the corner as fast as he can without regard for the walk signal.
4. The impatient chick who is turning left and drives right up to the cross walk - sitting in the middle of the oncoming traffic lane and glares impatiently at the pedestrians crossing with the signal. (I have seen this driver reap her Karmic reward with the crossing of very old lady and the change of a light a block away, bringing lots of oncoming commuter traffic)
5. The stupid-ass new driver, with their parent purchased quasi performance vehicle driving 1000 100 km an hour up a pedestrian laden, bicycle heavy side street talking on the phone.


Please feel free to share your bad-driver stories- I would love some commiseration.

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